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What is an Zpack?

Zithromax (azithromycin) is also referred to as Zpack, is an antimicrobial that is used to combat bacterial infections by limiting the development of bacteria within the body. Zpack is usually taken in a course of five days to treat conditions like pneumonia, bronchitis and infections of the lungs, ears as well as other organs. It was first granted approval by FDA in 1991 for the treatment of specific skin and respiratory ailments, its use has since expanded to cover many bacteria-related illnesses. This includes sexually transmitted infections as well as bacterial inflammation, and middle-ear infections among children.


How Zithromax works

Zithromax is part of a class of antibiotics referred to as macrolides that are bacteriostatic, that is, they treat diseases by preventing the growth of bacteria and generating proteins necessary to their growth. The other bacteria go away or get destroyed through the body’s immune system and and not by the medication itself. This is different from the bactericidal antibiotics that eliminate bacteria. These antibiotics include fluoroquinolones, as well as penicillin.

Zithromax is not broken down within the body as fast like other anti-biotics. Instead of floating around within blood the molecules of the drug are taken through white blood cells which combat bacteria. The white blood cells carry the medication to the frontline of the fight against bacteria, and it is focused in the tissues that surround the disease. This concentration allows it to stay in the body for longer meaning that patients require less doses in order to combat their illnesses.


Zithromax as well Zpack Dosage

Zithromax is most well-known to people in the form of “Zpack,” a convenient 5-day pill regimen that has 500 mg of dose (2 tablets with 250 mg) on the first day, and 250 mg over the remainder of four days. However, Zithromax comes in several forms and dosages, including liquids and tablets for oral consumption, injections and intravenous drips.


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Bacterial infections of the eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial infections


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