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What’s Albendazole 400 mg?

Albendazole 400 mg can be described as an antiparasitic medicine that is used to treat conditions like Neurocysticercosis (Pork Tapeworm Infection) as well as Cystic Hydatid Disease (infection due to Dog Tapeworm).

Parasites are the organisms that depend on other organisms to make a living. Albendazole is a method of reducing the parasite’s energy sources, reducing the parasite, then eliminating it.

The uses of the Drug

The strength of Albendazole 400 mg tablet helps treat parasite infections.


Cysticercosis is an illness caused by a parasite that infects various parts in your human body.

Neurocysticercosis is the most severe type of Cysticercosis which affects the brain.

Taenia solium is a pig tapeworm that is the reason for Neurocysticercosis.

The result is seizures (fits) headaches, dizziness, as well as other signs and symptoms.

Albendazole 400 mg, which is an effective medicine for treating Neurocysticercosis.


Hydatid Insufficiency

Hydatid disease is also called Cystic Echinococcosis.

The cause is canine tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus.

The parasite can be harmful to your liver, brain lung, brain, and other organs.

Animal feces containing eggs from tapeworms can contaminate water and food and spread the disease.

Cysts containing larvae of Tapeworms can grow within your body for years before you notice any symptoms.

When cysts become large, they may result in nausea, coughing nausea, stomach tension, pain in the chest and many other signs.

Albendazole tablets are helpful in the treatment of Hydatid Illness.


Working of Albendazole 400 mg

The medicine for treating parasites uses Albendazole as an active ingredient.

It starves the worms until death.

The Albendazole tablets stop the worms from taking in sugar (glucose) which causes them to shed energy.

The eggs of the worms, larvae, as well as adults, are all affected.

The worms cease to exist due to this and your condition can be managed.


How to use the medication?

Tablets are chewable and can be consumed either with or without food.

It is believed that the Albendazole 400 mg dosage is contingent on the illness to be treated.

So, you must consider taking Albendazole 400mg tablet along with the advice of your physician.

Who is able to take the drug?

The strength of Albendazole 400 mg tablets can be used by both children and adults above 2 years old.

The medication is not suitable for women who are lactating or pregnant.

Effects on the side

The medicine may cause usual side effects such as,

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive liver enzymes
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Itchy skin rash

In rare instances, there is also an insufficient number of blood cells.




Drug Interaction

Albendazole Tablets with 400 mg of strength don’t cause severe side effects from interactions with other drugs.

The drugs that can interact together with Albendazole include:

  • Carbamazepine
  • Phenytoin
  • Clozapine

Disease Interaction


Albendazole Tablet Albendazole Tablet can affect liver issues.

Therefore it is recommended to use it under the supervision of a physician when you’ve been diagnosed with liver problems.

Your doctor might also have to check the liver’s function continuously.



If you’ve had an previous history of having seizures (fits) and fits, you should be cautious when using Albendazole 400 mg Tablet treatment. This is due to the fact that Albendazole could cause an increase in the frequency of seizures.

Neurocysticercosis is a serious brain disorder.

In the event of a medical issue the treatment of an anti-seizure medication may be recommended.



A condition known as Myelosuppression can cause your body to produce less blood cells than is normal.

Buy Albendazole 400 mg tablets online should not be used in these circumstances since it could cause further decrease in your platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells.



The drug may cause dizziness. So, you should avoid taking it when driving or working with heavy equipment.
Avoid taking this medication if you have an allergy to albendazole.
Albendazole tablets may not be suitable for consumption by children younger than 2 years.
It is possible to stop the consumption of grapefruit juice by taking Albendazole tablets.



Keep the medicine out of sunlight and keep it in a cool, dry location. The medicine should be kept away from pets and children.


General FAQs Frequently asked questions


What is Albendazole 400 mg an anti-biotic?

Absolutely, Albendazole 400 mg is an antibiotic. This medication is employed to manage various parasite-related infections.


Which is the most appropriate moment to take the strength Albendazole 400 mg tablet?

You must be taking buy Albendazole 400 mg as per the prescription of your physician. The doctor will recommend the dosage and frequency of the medication based on the seriousness of the condition.


What is the time Albendazole requires to function?

The medication can take as long as 3 days for its effects. Following that, you may be able to feel relief from the parasite infection.


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